Our Story

My name is Annie and I have three great cavies! After adopting one and learning more about them, I learned that they are much happier when they aren’t alone…so I jumped at the excuse to bring more into my house. I spent weeks waiting for new cavies to arrive at the humane society, and when the perfect match hit, I didn’t think twice and adopted her. Number three came shortly after. I’m sure that at least one or two more are in my future! But with my mini herd of Piggy, Lu, and Oreo all settled into their new home, I kept researching and learning more and more about what they need and what they like. The amazon orders started coming in fast and furious as I wanted to try everything out there! Every day my husband would come home to find me with another empty box and a sheepish smile as I displayed whatever chew or toy happened to arrive that day. But as I accumulated and experimented with these items, I found a couple of things that were difficult. First, the sheer amount of product a cavy owner can find online is mind-boggling! To make matters worse, many of things that I ordered left me wondering what it was made from, how it was made, and if it was truly safe for my pets.

That’s when Cavy Club was born. I’m doing the work so you don’t have to. When you subscribe to Cavy Club, you know that every box you receive is full of safe, nutritious toys and treats that your cavies will love. I’m confident in saying this because everything you’ll be receiving has been tested on those cute faces you see below! But we aren’t just here to provide you with amazing products for your herd. We also want to celebrate them! You’ll see we have a gallery full of happy piggies that belong to our awesome members! I truly want Cavy Club to be the place where passionate guinea pig owners can meet, learn, and share stories about these beautiful creatures.

Give us a try – you’ll find the first box that arrives to be a perfect match for your guinea pig. We can’t wait to get to know you and your pets even better as the months go by. Thanks for finding us, and please enjoy!


Featured above: Piggy (top left), Oreo (bottom left), and the boss of the herd, Lu (on the right). 

Recently added to the herd (because it's so hard to resist!) - Below is Moe (left) and Pip Squeak (right)!!

Love them!

You can find the Cavy 5 on Instagram: @thecavy_5